Hi, my name is Sarai Presman and I am a madatz (counselor in training) this summer! This week, we had Revolution, which is when the madatz take over machaneh (camp) from the madrichim (counselors), and ran everything for the next 24 hours. We called Revo on Monday night after dinner and continued to run machaneh until the next evening. Some madrichim remain at machaneh for safety reasons, but they stay out of the way as this really is a time for the madatz to be in charge and practice running machaneh.
Every year there is a theme and a plot that the entire day is based around. Our theme was Ella’s birthday in the evening and  chanichim (kids) rotated around stations playing birthday games and finding presents for Ella. At the end of the night Ella was opening her presents and disappeared as she opened a huge Dr. Seuss book.
When kids woke up, the whole camp was covered in Dr. Seuss decorations and the theme for the rest of Revo was Stuck in Seussland. The plot was that all of the chanichim were searching for Ella, who had gotten lost in Seussland. After a breakfast of green eggs and ham (food dye and Morningstar patties), everyone moved into rotations to explore Seussland through games like anything for candy with thing one and thing two, and relay races with hop on pop. After lunch of truffula tree pancakes chanichim picked whether they wanted to swim, play gaga, do Seuss poetry, or watch Seuss movies. There was a last round robin of training to find Ella including water balloon tosses, slip-n-slide, and soap hockey. After that, the Seussland characters challenged the chanichim to a game of capture the flag where the chanichim had to capture the Dr. Seuss book that Ella received for her birthday to use as a portal to get back home. The chanichim won and celebrated with Ella’s birthday party after dinner!!
It was a day full of fun for all of the chanichim and a great leadership experience for the madatz.

One thought on “Revolution!

  1. Thanks for the well written and descriptive blog. Sounds like everyone had a great time and who doesn’t love Dr Seuss!?!

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