Aliyah Bet and Yom Israel

We’ve been very busy here at Mosh! On Sunday night we had Aliyah Bet. Aliyah Bet is an annual activity we do to simulate the illegal immigration of Jews to British Mandated Palestine between 1934 and 1948. We wake kids up in the middle of the night and reenact the journey people faced by leading a hike around camp with some creative obstacles. This process helps the kids understand the hardships faced by those traveling out of persecution and the relief of entering into a safe place.

This year, we focused on Mizrahi. We made fake identity cards, got trained for the journey, and hiked to Palestine. On the journey, we saw tableaus about Jews from Iraq, Yemen, and Morocco to learn about the persecution these Jews lived with. When we woke up the next morning, we were still in Israel and it was the start of another special day, Yom Israel (Israel Day).

Yom Israel was a fun and educational day about Jewish identity. To help us explore our Judaism, we were sucked into the Torah where we met Moses and Miriam and other biblical characters who helped us along on our journeys. We had shakshuka for breakfast and then split into groups to participate in a round robin. Each station was related to different biblical stories. Kids danced with Miriam, felt around in bowls (like the story of Jacob and Esau), walked through the parted Red Sea, and threw water balloons at Goliath. Later, we went swimming and had special chugim (interest groups) about Judaism and our Jewish identities. We ended the day with shnitzel and a fun bar mitzvah party! Kids had a great time all around! Despite being an exhausting day, Yom Israel was also very fun and educational.



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