First Shabbat

There’s nothing like shabbat at Mosh. Starting on Friday, everyone gets into a more relaxed and peaceful mood to welcome shabbat. We begin shabbat with hitkansut shabbat (shabbat gathering) where everyone is clean and dressed up nicely to hug one another and wish a shabbat shalom. Our Rosh (head of camp, Dekel Merin) then tells a story to set the tone for the rest of shabbat. This week the story was about overcoming obstacles and how we can all help each other to reach our goals. After that everyone walks together to dinner. After dinner we go to sing songs for shabbat shira. Then everyone changes and gets ready for the oneg (performance). This week the amelim (4th-5th graders) and Bogrim (10th graders) did their oneg together. Following the oneg, we have rikud (Israeli dancing) on the basketball court! And then it’s time for bed!

On Saturday morning, everyone gets to sleep in after long week. Kids pick a special chug (interest group) to go to in the morning that are different from their regular chugim. This week there were lots to choose from, including chugim on The Freedom Summer, a nature walk, and the Women of the Wall. We then eat lunch and have a relaxing afternoon where kids choose Madatz (counselor in training) chugim to attend which are similar to the special chugim we have in the morning, but a little more kef (fun)! We then go swimming and spend time with our tzrif/ohel and do fun activities together. After that, we have asefa klalit (general meeting). This is a time when kids walk around a chair in front of everyone to say things they want fixed or improved at machaneh (camp). Then we go to mishpachot, time spent with the people who live in the same area to play games, check in and drink cafe kar (iced coffee). Every Saturday night we have pizza for dinner and after dinner we have musicale (a musical talent show). We then have a medurah (bonfire) where kids do skits and other fun acts. Finally, we all sang folk songs, kumzits (Yiddish for “come, sit”), by the dwindling fire. We then walked back to the tzrifim and ohelim to go to sleep after a long week and a relaxing shabbat!ImageImageImage

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