Emergency Kupa Asefa (Meeting about shared money)

At the beginning of the week, we had an asefa (meeting) about how we want to use our kupa (shared money). Everyone split into caucus groups and we talked about different options for the money. We voted for machane (camp) wide kupa with option of shichva (age group), with option of tzrif/ohel (cabin/tent). This means that any money can be used for the entire machane, or for smaller groups.

This morning at hitkansut (gathering around the flagpole), we had a meeting to how we wanted to spend our money for the kupa trip. The kupa trip is an annual tradition where we use the money we all have to do something fun, like go to a baseball game, mini golfing, and an arcade. The madrichim (counselors) usually decide where the trip is, but this year we decided we wanted the kids to decide where to go. We split into groups and voted to go to a water park! The trip will be after visitors day and the kids that are staying are so excited!

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