Days one and two of first session!

After some slight technical difficulties, the blog is finally up and running! My name is Elana Rombro and I will be the communication specialist this session! This year I graduated from Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland. Next year I’ll be starting my freshman year at Brandeis University. I have been at Mosh since 2008 and this is my first year on tzevet (staff). I will be posting pictures to Facebook and updating the blog regularly to keep you all up to date on everything going on here at machane (camp).

Yesterday all of the kids arrived on buses and were greeted by the crazy madatz (counselors in training). Once everyone arrived, the kids were split up and assigned to their tzrifim (cabins) and ohelim (tents). After some unpacking and pizza bagels for lunch, everyone participated in a round robin (going to different stations around camp) to take the swim test, have a health check, and take a tour of machane. We then transitioned into skits for avoda (work groups) and chugim (interest groups) so that kids could get an idea of what each group does. We finished off the day with some chicken nuggets for dinner and an tochnit erev (evening activity) of meet the madrichim.

Today we had a little more of a normal day. Everyone was assigned to their avoda and started working. Some of the different avoda groups are sababa (cleaning the bathrooms), ashpa (taking out the trash), veggie cutting, and working in the gan (garden). After avoda, the madrichim ran the first peulat shichva (informal educational activity for each age group), or pish for short. We have pish every day and the topics can vary from current events to zionism to kvutza (age group) building. In the afternoon we had chavaiot (experiences) which is a new structure this year. There were different sports today, but some days kids will be going to the agam (lake), tubing, the melechet yad (art room) and other activities during this time. After that everyone was split into their chugim. Some chugim this year are poolside recess, softball, documentary watching, adventuring, and Mosh on Broadway. There are so many fun and interesting chugim this year and in the next couple of days I will be taking pictures of them!


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