All Gender Bathroom Dedication

The sign representing the traditional gender binary was ripped from the wall during the All Gender Bathroom Ceremony.

Yesterday was Mosh’s dedication ceremony of the “All Gender Bathroom”. Now. you may be asking yourself, “wasn’t there a dedication ceremony of the new sherutim (bathrooms) at the start of the summer?” While the answer to that question is yes, we felt that this ceremony did not properly highlight Mosh’s large step in showing our commitment to creating a safer space for all people.

The ceremony began with a rendition of “When I was a Boy“, a song by our beloved Dar Williams. This performance was followed by a speech:

Welcome to the All-Gender Bathroom Dedication. We know you’ve been holding it in all summer, but don’t poop your pants just yet, it’s here! An All-Gender Bathroom is a bathroom for any and everyone. Most of the time when you walk into a bathroom, people read that as you declaring your gender identity and saying “I’m a boy” or “I’m a girl” hear me roar. While people have been telling us which bathroom to go in our whole lives, for many folks it is not such an obvious decision. It is a decision that can cause some anxiety.

Additionally, violence against transgendered people often occurs in bathrooms. There has been a big push across the United States to create more All-Gender Bathrooms. Taking all this in mind, as a loving community dedicated to meeting everyone’s needs, Mosh included an All-Gender Bathroom in their building plan.

Although Mosh is an inclusive community in many ways, we are always striving to do better. It is not always obvious to us how to actualize our commitments.  It took the hard work of tzevet in coordination with the board to make this project a reality.

We can’t go anywhere without thanking Avi Edelman and Ethan Miller, two key proponents of this proposal on the board.  Jen Silber, our fearless leader who worked with the Riparious contractors throughout the year to make this dream a reality.  Wanda, the project manager, who kept the trains running.  Butch and Ryan, our foremen, who kept the ship afloat.  John Carlino, the best caretaker of this land since haShem.  Gene Meyer, president of the board.  Rick Glazer, head of the facilities committee, and ALL OUR LOVE – UHH!!!

For health and safety reasons, we have to keep the bathroom locked for the most part, but if for any reason you’d like a key, just let one of your madrichim know and they’ll talk to mazkirut to get one for you.

Following the speech was a ceremonial flush given by Jen Silber, Moshava’s executive director, and two chanichim ripped down the traditional bathroom sign. The ceremony commenced with poems created by some of the chanichim about gender and inclusion.

– Melissa Eisen, madricha, guest blogger

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