A celebration for Maya Goren

Maya Goren, our shlicha (emissary) from Israel, is nearing the end of her three-year period at Mosh. For our tochnit erev (evening activity) last night, we had a ceremony to appreciate her contributions to Mosh before her return to Israel at the end of the summer. Each ohel (tent) of kids, as well as mazkirut (the leadership team) and tzevet (staff), performed a small act for her.

We sang songs, did slam poetry and presented Maya with a scrapbook full of photos and personal notes. John, our groundskeeper, gave an emotional speech and Tamsy, the nurse, sang a song from the musical Wicked. Jen, the executive director, gave Maya a shmeryl, or short rhyming poem that traditionally cycles from person to person throughout the session. Many members of the board came up to camp for the ceremony and a few of them spoke. To top it all off, dinner earlier that night consisted of all of her favorite foods.

All in all, it was a wonderful ceremony that truly showed the love and appreciation of the Mosh community for Maya and everything she’s brought us. Maya has been such an important and amazing part of Mosh for the past 3 years, and she will be very missed.



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