The Kupa trip & more




On Wednesday night, Mosh went to the Friedman’s house in Owings Mills for dinner, then to Pump It Up, a moonbounce fun-zone, for the Kupa trip. Kupa refers to the system of communal sharing that we use at Mosh. In terms of the Kupa trip, it’s an experience that the whole machaneh (camp) shares together. Everyone bounced, raced through the obstacle course and got lots of energy out. We left exhausted and sweaty, but thoroughly happy.

For the rest of this week, we’ve been getting back into the normal swing of things. The small size of machaneh at the moment has allowed us to change some things up and have a lot of fun. For example, we played a macheneh-wide game of Mafia, and we currently sit and eat all together with the tables in one U-shaped formation. It’s also been very gray and rainy, with intermittent thunderstorms and downpours. Yesterday for Sadnaot (workshops), half the machaneh learned Shabbat Shira songs (songs we sing on Shabbat) and the other half made Kishutim (decorations) for Shabbat to hang in the dining hall for Friday night dinner.

A quick side note – the camera I use is now broken. All photos going up (as well as many photos already up, such as those of Tiyul, Tikkun Olam and Shabbat) are taken by one of our Israeli madrichim (counselors), Shakked. He’s an accomplished photographer, so enjoy! And a Shabbat Shalom l’kulam (to everyone)!

3 thoughts on “The Kupa trip & more

  1. I have a question…do you all still sing a lyric to the song “Goodbye America” that says “take away his soccer ball, that’ll really fix him”?

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