The Moshington Post

One of the chugim (interest groups) this session is the Moshington Post. In the chug, the campers write articles to be published in the camp newspaper! Each camper in the chug was issued a press pass so that they could properly identify themselves and interview other campers and madrichim. The first issue of the Moshington Post came out yesterday and can be found here: Moshington post 1st issue. As part of the chug, one of the campers wrote a blog post about her time at camp to share with you all. Here it is!

Hi my name is Devora Organic. I’m 9 years old and also this is my second year here at Mosh. I made lots of new friends here. I’m really excited for this year! It is really fun to do things in the Gan. You can pet and feed the goats and also help in the garden! Also you can water the plants and then just let them grow and then the next day you do the same thing over and over again to keep them healthy so they won’t die.


Here is a little more about me: I am in tzimukim. I love the pool when it is super-duper hot out but I do not like to go in when it is cold outside and cold in the pool… Brrr! I’m going into 4th grade and I am kind of young, but at least I am not the youngest in my class. I Iive in Rockville, MD. That’s all I can think about me or myself. More about the Gan: its really fun to me because you can do activities that are fun for you! That is the Moshington Blog – Thank you!

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