Another Week Begins!

DSC_6179 DSC_3341Sunday started off another new week at Camp Moshava. We enjoyed a normal morning of Avodah (work) and Pish (peulat shichvah, or educational activity by age group). In the afternoon, after camp-wide swimming, each age group split up to go to Saadnaot, or workshops. Saadnaot include activities like learning Rikud (Israeli dances), making art at the Malechet Yad (arts and crafts center), going tubing down the river and going to the ropes course. Yesterday, I went canoeing at the Agam (lake) with the Bonim. They had a great time paddling around and racing their canoes.

Later that afternoon, after Mischakim (sports) was Zman Metsuyan. Zman Metsuyan translates directly to “an excellent time” and refers to the time of day where we educate about Israel and other Jewish topics. Yesterday at Zman Metsuyan,the kids learned about the connection between social justice and Jewish values. We heard from a special guest, Katie, about Jews United for Justice, an organization that Mosh will be partnering with this year in the Eizor (year-round activities for the kids).  Jews United For Justice works to connect the progressive activist communities and the Jewish community in the DC area in enacting social change. This year, Jews United For Justice is participating in a campaign to raise Maryland’s minimum wage, which the Mosh Eizor will be supporting and using as an educational tool about creating change. During Zman Metsuyan, the kids learned about the minimum wage, then made signs about why it should be raised. The kids learned a lot and came away from it empowered and inspired.

One quick note – I’m going home on a break from camp from this afternoon till Wednesday afternoon. I will update the blog and upload photos from that time on Wednesday evening. Thanks and see you on the flip side!

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