1st Shabbat of 2nd Session

DSC_3289 DSC_3297A belated Shabbat Shalom! For me, Shabbat is one of the most special times of the week at Mosh, providing a relaxing break from the rest of the week and an opportunity to sing, dance and spend quality time together. This Shabbat started off with Hitkansut (gathering) at the Toren (flagpole), where everyone, dressed in their Shabbat finest, greeted and hugged one another. We then raised the Israeli flag and sang Hatikvah, the Israeli national anthem. After that, we held hands and walked to the Nof (view) spot while singing, then sat to listen to David, the Rosh or head of camp, tell his weekly story. We then stood to face the setting sun and sang to welcome the Sabbath queen.

After a delicious dinner of jerk chicken, crispy potatoes, salad and fresh challah, the machaneh went to Shabbat Shira, a time when we sing traditional Jewish and Israeli folk songs. Later that night, we reconvened for the Oneg, a weekly performance put on by each age group that includes an Israeli dance, a modern dance, a skit and a song. The Bogrim (going into 10th grade) performed this week’s Oneg, which had a theme of Taylor Swift. After the Oneg, we went to Rikud, or traditional Israeli dancing, which is one of my personal favorite activities at Mosh.

Saturday got off to a relaxing start, with a sleep-in till 10:30 am and optional tfilot (prayers) offered at 10 am. Rejuvenation began at 11 and consisted of learning Shabbat songs, reflecting on our weeks, and learning about the Parashat Hashavua (the weekly Torah portion). After the classic Shabbat lunch of cold cuts and pasta salad, we began our afternoon activities. These included Zman Tzrif v’Ohel, or hang-out time by cabin or tent, and Asefa Klalit, or general meeting, where kids stand up, walk around a chair and announce things they want to fix or improve around machaneh (camp). Mishpachot, or time with people from your home area, came next. During mishpachot, we drank cafe kar, or iced coffee and played games.

For Saturday night dinner, we had pizza, corn and cantaloupe. Musicale, or a musical talent show, followed dinner. Several people played piano before we moved outside for guitar and vocal acts. We sang the Havdallah prayers together in the Nof (view) spot. After Havdallah, we all walked down to the Medurah (bonfire) spot for Medurah. The fire took a while to start but when it did, it was huge and hot. We enjoyed acts like jokes, songs and stories. Then we all sang American folk-songs in Kumsitz (Yiddish for “come, sit”) and walked back up to camp, ending an amazing and restful Shabbat together.

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