Day 3: Pish Night!

Yesterday was another unseasonably chilly day at Mosh. With most of the machaneh (camp) in sweaters and long pants rather than shorts and tank tops, it almost felt like a fall overnight ( the annual fall weekend retreat to Mosh). Image

One thing that makes Thursday stand out is Pish Night. Every Thursday night, the kids enjoy an outdoor cookout in their shetach (living area), with the older kids eating in the upper shetach and the younger kids eating in the lower. After their hamburgers and hotdogs, they split by age group and participate in a peulat shichvah (educational activity by age group), or pish. This week, the Tzimukim (going into 4th-6th grades) decorated their new moadon (hangout space) then broke it in with a slumber party. The Tzofim (going into 7th grade) wore costumes and played games to learn about respect. The Bonim (going into 8th and 9th grades) explored aspects of their identites such as age, ethnicity and gender. The Bogrim practiced for their Oneg (weekly performance by age group).

Today is Friday, which means the entire machaneh will be preparing for Shabbat by doing extra avodah (work), as well as cleaning their individual living spaces to compete in the weekly cleaning contest. I will not be blogging tomorrow, but expect a new blog post and photos from throughout Shabbat to be posted on Sunday. Shabbat Shalom everyone!

One thought on “Day 3: Pish Night!

  1. Thanks for the great posts and photos of the kids!! Shabbat shalom and we will look forward to more at the start of the week!

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