Day 2: Avodah & More


Yesterday was another great day at Mosh, although a bit chillier than normal with highs in the mid-70s. It was our first normal day so the kids did Avodah (work or labor) in their new anafim (work groups). Avodah is done in the spirit of collective responsibility over the space we share at Mosh – each camper and counselor works together to maintain and improve our camp. 

Yesterday, we also had the Kupa Asefa, or the camp-wide meeting (asefa) to discuss our kupa structure. Kupa, which translates directly to “cash box,” refers to our structure of collective sharing that is based on systems used on kibbutzim. For the kids, this occurs on a machaneh (camp) level with a camp-wide Kupa trip, a final Mesibah (party) at the end of the session and weekly Kupa treats. It also functions by age-group and by individual cabin or tent, with each group sharing candy that parents send from home. Kupa teaches the kids values of sharing, equality and respect throughout their daily life at camp.

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