Second Session Begins!




Hello all! My name is Lily Sieradzki and I will be the Communications Specialist for second session. To introduce myself briefly, I’m 20 years old and a rising junior at Tufts University, studying English and Communications & Media Studies (and a graduate of Walter Johnson High School). This is my third summer on tzevet (staff)  and my 8th summer overall at Mosh. I’m incredibly excited to be keeping all of you updated on the summer. You can expect a blog post and photos every day between 11 and 12:30 am, covering highlights of the previous day. So let’s get started!

Yesterday was the first day of Camp Moshava’s second session, and it’s is already off to a great start. The kids arrived at Mosh around noon and met in the MLC (the Mo’adon L’Chaver, our central pavilion), where they reunited with old friends, met new people and learned some classic Mosh cheers. They then split into tzrif (cabin) or ohel (tent) and went with their madrichim (counselors) to begin unpacking and getting to know their new bunkmates.

Following a delicious lunch of chicken nuggets, salad, kale chips and peaches, the kids began a rotation of activities. These included unpacking time, a tour of the machaneh (camp), a lice check and basic health screening, and the swim test. The kids ate apples for their afternoon snack, then split by age-group for peulat shichvah (educational activities by age-group). During this time, the kids learned the rules of machaneh and continued to get comfortable with their age group.

The whole camp regrouped at six for anafim (work groups) and chugim (interest groups) presentations and preferences. Anafim are groups that the kids split into every morning to do avodah (work) to improve machaneh. This summer, some of these include Sababa (bathroom cleaning), Aruchat Boker (setting up and cleaning up breakfast), and Gan (maintaining the vegetable garden and taking care of our goats and chickens). Chugim are fun and relaxed activities that the kids participate in every afternoon. Some of this summer’s chugim are The Moshington Post (a camper-run weekly newspaper), Rope-a-Dope (learning basic knots and crafts skills), and What’s My Age Again? (doing activities that correspond with different life stages).

We ate pizza bagels, broccoli, salad and orange slices for dinner. For our tochnit erev (evening activity) at 8:45, we will have Meet the Madrichim, where the kids will earn facts about each madrich/a (counselor) by completing silly challenges and tasks. After kibud, a sweet dessert snack, the kids will go to bed, completing an awesome first day.

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