Hi I’m Elana Rombro and I’m part of the Madatz (counselor in training) program this summer. Sunday was a very exciting day for everyone at Mosh. On Saturday night, the Madatz called Revolution. Revo is a special day where the Madatz run the programming of machaneh (camp) for 24 hours. While counselors do remain on hand for safety reasons, they stay the madatz are responsible for running all programs that day.

We spend weeks planning fun games and activities that all have to do with a theme. The theme this session was Spy. All of the kids had to go through training and follow the bad guys all around Europe in search of our “secret weapon” that was stolen. The kids then fought the bad guys on the softball field in a giant paint fight.

Revo is an important part of the Madatz experience because it gives us a chance to plan an entire fun and safe day for the kids. It helps us grow and trains us to be better leaders to give us experience to utilize not only at machaneh (camp), but also outside camp in different settings.



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