Tisha Ba’av

One Tuesday July 16, we had a more somber and reflective tone emanating throughout camp as the camp commemorated Tisha Ba’av (Ninth of Av). The Jewish holiday is meant to remember the past oppression and tragedies that the Jewish people have experienced in our history.

At camp we started the activities on Monday night with a round robin of tableaux’s depicting the different tradgedies such as kristallnacht, the destruction of the first and second temple, and the Spanish inquisition.

THe next morning the chanichim (campers) had a round robin of more active ways of visualizing the oppression such as building a “temple” out of cardboard boxes and then having others destroy it. this segued into special chugim (interest groups) where the chanichim got to choose what to discuss and learn more abut.

The rest of the day more focused on the progress that Jews have made in their strength and how these large scale tragedies can now be avoided with our strength. The afternoon and evening were more empowering than reflective.

The day was important for all at camp to learn more about this tragedies in our past with some choosing for their reflection to manifest itself in fasting.




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