New Bathroom Dedication!

On Sunday, June 23 the Board of Directors, donors who made building the new sherutim (bathrooms) possible, and Mosh Tzevet (staff) 2013 came together to commemorate the building of the new bathhouse.

Board president Gene Meyer spoke first about the process leading up to the building of the sherutim while new Executive Director Jen SIlber both gave a speech and sang the shehechiyanu. Rosh Mosh 2013 David Meyer also gave a speech giving the tzevet (staff) perspective to contrast Gene Meyer’s speech from the Board’s point of view.
In addition to these speeches, former Business Manager Rachel Glaser and her husband Rick Glaser also spoke about the sherutim situation from the 1960’s when they were chanichim (campers) and how it has evolved over the past 50 years. These speeches were gave a more humorous side of machaneh (camp) history while the previous three gave more business like perspectives.

_DSC0384 Above is former business manager Rachel Glaser, her husband Ricky Glaser, VP of facilities on the Board, pose in front of the new sherutim (bathroom) with their grandson.

_DSC0419 New Executive Director Jen Silber sang the shehechiyanu to commemorate the opening of the bathrooms and the first step of Mosh’s capital campaign.

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