HaboZine Sadna’a

In the latest HaboZine sadna’a, the Bonim read a short story by Edgar Allan Poe called The Tell-Tall Heart and talked about the concept of the “unreliable narrator” and the writing tool of in medias res (or starting in the middle).  After reading and talking, the Bonim wrote short stories either from the perspective of the unreliable narrator, or starting a story in medias res, or both.  Below is the story that Katie Panzer wrote!

One foot, two foot.  My breath is
so heavy it weighs me down.
I slowly lift my head and look
forward at the rest of the weak,
waving in the windy bridge I have yet
to cross.  I look behind at
what I have accomplished
which seems much more than
it actually is.  I hear a crack
and a board which makes
up a large portion of the bridge
falls.  A mixture of sweat, tears,
and rain fall down my face,
my legs feel weak, my knees
tremble, my feet are barley working.
I look forward.  One foot, two foot.

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