Tiyul (camping trip) and Kupa Trip Second Session 2012

Tiyul is Hebrew for “hike”, but at Mosh we use the term to refer to the camping trip that we all take once a session.  This session we went to the beautiful Shawnee State Park for two nights and 3 days.  There we spent time enjoying the AMAZING scenery, going on a challenging, but fun, hike, and going swimming and boating on the 400+ acre lake in the park.

After tiyul ended, we got back on the buses and drove to Baltimore where we ate dinner at Ft. McHenry. We all enjoyed the stunning views of the harbor and the historic monuments while waiting apprehensively for the surprise to be revealed of where we where going for our once-a-session kupa trip.  This session we went to an… ORIOLES GAME!  And it was a TON of fun… especially when the O’s won against the Seattle Mariners.

Check out the slideshow below, or head over to Facebook to look at all the pictures from Mosh’s tiyul and kupa trip!


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