Writings From Sadna’a (workshop) HaboZine

I’m in Bogrim now.  My first meaningful memory was when I was in Chotrim 1 and I went down to the medurah spot for my first medurah at Mosh.

As we were walking I was wondering why I had to put on closed toed shoes and long pants.  Then when we got to the massive fire I was extremely uncomfortable.  I was sweating from a combination of the heat of the fire and constriction of my shoes and pants.  I was watching the acts; I didn’t like them.  When it came to kupa treats I dropped mine on the ground.  Nothing good was coming out of this night.

The fire went out and instead of going back to our beds we stayed and everyone was singing.  I was cold and lying down on the leaves.  I felt dirty and bad.

“When are we going back?” I asked in a disappointed voice.  But then a voice responded. “Why don’t you just sit back and enjoy this time?” he said.  At first I was mad that he said it.  But then I took a breath and looked.  I liked what I saw.  Everyone was singing, laughing, and lying on each other.  It was something so unique.  I had never seen such comradery or happiness.  And the feeling that everyone seemed to be feeling had enveloped me.

I had become one with a community that has now shaped me.  Without that moment I don’t know whether I would come back.  But I know that now I couldn’t ever not come back.  I don’t know what voice was.  If I ever find out who it was I’ll give them a great big hug and a kiss on the cheek for giving me the place where I feel most at home.

–Dylan Goldvale

2 Poems from an anonymous chanich/chanicha

People are like paper cranes
They may be made up differently
With different folds
They may be any size
Huge or tiny or in between
They may look different
Any pattern or color possible
But in the end
They’re all paper cranes
But unique

Life is not certain
We cannot predict the future
But we can control our reactions
We cannot change the past
But we can learn from it
We cannot control others
But we can work with them
Life is not certain
So we must do our best
To not let it control us

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