Tikkun Olam (תיקון עולם)

Tikkun Olam (תיקון עולם) translates to “repairing the world”.  This year, twice a session Mosh has gone out into our community and tried to repair the world as much as we can.  This session first day of tikkun olam, took our chanichim to four wonderful places.  The Amelim and Chotrim visited First Fruits Farm, the Bonim visited the Harford Center, and the Bogrim visited the Perry Point VA Hospital.

First Fruits Farm, which has been a Mosh favorite for many years, is a “Christian ministry dedicated to feeding the hungry with nutritious, fresh-picked fruits and vegetables.”  First Fruits Farms works to “demonstrate God’s love through offering the first fruits of the harvest to those in need.”    Additionally, “The farm has over 100 acres of farm land is dedicated to growing fresh fruits and vegetables to feed the hungry.  Refrigerated trucks from the Mid-Atlantic Gleaning Network and the Maryland Food Bank help to transport the harvest to soup kitchens, food banks and shelters in the Baltimore/Washington region. [They] also deliver directly to a variety of food banks, shelters and missions. Since 2004, over 3.8 million pounds of fresh produce were provided to the hungry of [the] community.” (http://www.firstfruitsfarm.org/)

The Harford Center, which Mosh has also visited multiple times, is a facility dedicated to providing “individualized services to Harford County adults with intellectual disabilities, by utilizing programs that facilitate personal growth and development for each individual.”  The Harford Center organizes a wide range of workshops and activities for its clients, in order to build the skills that they need to improve the most.  While visiting, Mosh offers any help that is needed, from working on the grounds of the facility to spending time with clients with songs and games. (http://www.harfordcenter.org/)

The Perry Point VA Medical Center is the largest inpatient VA facility in Maryland.  The Bogrim, Mosh’s oldest chanichim, spent time with patients, all of whom are veterans.  The patients who range from 40 years old to 100, had many stories to share with the Bogrim and the Bogrim were eager to hear them as well as to share some youthful energy through various recreational activities.  The Bogrim, many of whom are staying at Mosh for 8 weeks, had the unusual pleasure of revisiting patients they had seen the last twp times they were at the VA hospital during the first session of Mosh. (http://www.maryland.va.gov/facilities/Perry_Point_VA_Medical_Center.asp)

Overall, Mosh’s tikkun olam days are rewarding for all who participate: chanichim (campers), madatzim (CITs), and tzevet (staff).  It is a chance for our small community to leave our Mosh bubble and see how the people around us live while we have fun at camp.  It gives us a chance to spend a relatively small amount of time and effort to make someone’s day, or even their live, just a little bit better.


The Amelim and Chotrim trip to First Fruits Farm

One thought on “Tikkun Olam (תיקון עולם)

  1. I started this activity as a madricha in either 1986 or 87, I’m glad it’s still going strong!
    Beth Goldston-Attar

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