Zman Metsuyan is an Excellent Time!


Zman Metsuyan, which literally translates to “excellent time,” is a block of time during the day that is dedicated to Israel education.  Because of the wide breadth of possible topics that could fit into this time, each day of zman metsuyan is a new and different experience.  Past zman metsuyan peulot (activities) include:

  • learning the history of their tzrifim (cabins) and ohelim (tents) names (which are named for kibbutzim in Israel),
  • learning about the different types of people that live in Israel (like Ethiopians, Russians, Palestinians, other Arabs, Bedouins, etc.)
  • tracking the history of Habonim Dror in Israel (see some of the skits from that day here)

Zman Metsuyan a time of the day that the tzevet (staff) loves and is passionate about, but also constantly wants to be tweaking and improving to make it better and more engaging.  As informal educators, we realize the difficulty in teaching about such nuanced and complex issues, but despite that, we feel it is important to strive to educate the best we can about the topics we feel are the most important.  We look at the world around us and see the relevance and saliency that Israel has in modern times, and we examine our own priorities and see that Israel is important to us as members of Habonim Dror, and as Jews.


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