MBI Kaf Aleph 2012

MBI, or Machaneh Bonim b’Israel (Camp “Builders in Israel”), is a program that chanichim (campers) feed into after completing bogrim and before entering Madatz.The purpose of MBI, as stated in their tochnit (program) goals is to:

  •  Strengthen their connection to Israel
  •  Understand the connection of Zionism to the movement’s values
  •  Develop a sense of national shichva (age group) and the nature of the national & international movement
  •  Gain insight into the complexities of Israeli society and the challenges of coexistence
  •  See the role of youth movements in the creation of the state and their role there today
  •  Gain an understanding of Jewish history, heritage, and culture in Israel’s past and present
  •  Strengthen their overall involvement in the movement
  •  Gain an understanding of Habonim Dror’s history in Israel
  • Take part in tikkun olam/volunteer experiences

MBI is a five-week program that incorporates an exploration of Israel with creative educational programming. The tochnit (program) is designed to provide a substantive Israel experience resulting in personal growth, the formation of a relationship to Israel and the development of a national shichva. While MBI involves a great deal of hiking and touring, it also emphasizes a strong commitment to education as is evident in the various peulot (educational activities) incorporated into the summer tochnit. These peulot go hand in hand with the touring and serve to contextualize and process the sites and history they are experiencing.

This year’s MBI marks the twenty-first year Habonim Dror will send post-tenth graders to Israel.  Right now, in Israel, some of Mosh’s chanichim are experiencing MBI for themselves.  I encourage you to also check out their summer’s blog, written by Brianna Fowler, because if your chanich or chanicha is at Mosh now, they may be destined to be head to MBI themselves in a few summers, (before returning to Mosh for Madatz of course)!



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