HaboZine feature: Moshington Post News Section

Mosh just had an amazing Bozmon (the Bogrim kick the madrichim and Madatz out and take over for three hours)! The theme was lost in an iPhone. All of the chanichim got trapped inside an iPhone, where they were then shown around iPhone world by various general apps such as mail, calendar, contacts, and calculator. They got to meet some of their favorite apps such as Temple Run, Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, Timer, and Settings. They then had a sponge throwing battle against the evil app Siri.

To celebrate their victory, they headed over to Cooking Mama where they decorated their own pieces of cake for their nighttime snack. To end the night of fun, there was a big party in the MLC, which had been completely decorated with lights, streamers, garlands, paper iPhones, and an incredible oversized iPhone that covered the entire side of the MLC.

Overall, it was an extremely successful Bozmon, full of fun and spirit! Job well done to the now very tired Bogrimers.


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