HaboZine feature: A Mosh Wrap-up

By: Noam Elfassi

At Mosh we do so many fun things. Our schedule is full of fun things everyday. First we wake up, get ready, and go to breakfast. Breakfast is normally cereal with a hot meal like oatmeal and milk. On Fridays we have sugar cereal and chocolate milk. And on Saturdays we get bagels.

Then we have avodah where we do something to help keep machaneh looking/being the best we can make it. My avodah is Sababa, which means awesome in Hebrew. Sababa is where we clean the bathrooms. It is very fun, especially on Fridays because Friday begins the Sabbath so we have double avodah because everything needs to be super clean. The fun part is that we flood the sinks and mop the floors so everything is super clean.

After avodah we have our first break of the day. During breaks we normally hang out in our cabins with our friends. After the break we have pish, which is our age group activity. We have something different everyday that we do.

After that we have Shira where we learn the words to the songs we sing at Mosh. Then we have lunch. The food at machaneh is really good and after lunch and dinner we cheer. After lunch we have another break and Sa’adnaot. Sa’adnaot is where we do fun things with our kvutzah (I’m in Chotrim).

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