Saturday and Sunday were quiet days on the blog. That was because madrichim (counselors) were kicked out of machaneh (camp) by the Madatz (counselors-in-training) for a full day of what we call Revolution, or Revo.

The Madatz call Revo with a skit and then the chanichim (kids) throw water balloons at the madrichim to kick them out. We run away as fast as we can. They run just as fast, with ammo.

Then Revo ensues. Madatz plan a theme for the day, activities, a song, food, and more. This session’s theme was Marvel versus DC comics. The chanichim were split between the two comic companies and prided themselves on their team.

Revo always ends with a party, this time a pool party. The madrichim sneak into the party, dance, and have fun. The chanichim share a song they learned for Revo and the madrichim share a song from their Revo chofesh (free time).


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