HaboZine feature: Singing about Mosh

Today HaboZine wrote and performed songs about Mosh to showcase our creativity and love of machaneh.

This song was written by Eliya Gelb, Ruth Secular, and Joe Agger.

To the tune of “Love on Top” by Beyonce:

Chanichim, I can see your bites all the way from here.
And they itch without all the cortisone.
I think it’s scabies whenever you’re near, every time you touch me I just run away.
Every time you ask me why I’m smiling from ear to ear.
Doo doo doo.
Nothing’s perfect but Mosh is worth it.
Even when the water’s out.
‘Cause it finally came back on.
Mosh — you’re the one I want,
you’re the one I need,
trees are all I see,
Moshava, baby, it’s you.
The sight just makes me fall,
Mosh I can always call.
Finally Mosh is on top!


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