HaboZine feature: Ode to My Chultzah

Look at you, my fine blue Chultzah, with your blue pressed fabric, your perfect red laces, made from real shoelaces, your cuffs buttoned and perfect, your front Semel (symbol — the Habonim Dror symbol) on a shirt pocket like a metal of merit, your back Semel saying just Habonim Dror.

That should be changed.

Your fabric should be changed to softness and your ocean blue to sky blue.

Your string should be some scrap of fabric or some discarded piece of string with just barely enough to tie the two ends together.

Your sleeves rolled up, if not just cut off entirely.

There should be no Semel on your breast pocket, just some quirky inside joke.

And your back Semel should be tailored to your kvutzah like some biker gang.

Now you are a chultzah.

Now you are a movement shirt.

And all along your sides and graphics should be patches and embroidery making you a shirt all your own.


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