Yom Meyuhad (Special Day)

King John and Robin Hood getting along. Photo by Marlena Chertock.

The serfs (chanichim — kids) are all asleep now, but during the day they had quite the adventure. Today was Yom Meyuhad (Special Day) and we woke up in the Middle Ages, in King John’s kingdom. First there was breakfast — or breakfast for King John, at least. He ate at a front table while the rest of machaneh (camp) watched with empty tables. But Robin Hood appeared and passed out French toast and sugar cereal to everyone.

Serfs got their fortunes told at the carnival. Photo by Marlena Chertock.

After breakfast, the serfs had to complete many tasks and work for the king. They built a prison and many wells. Then there was a carnival where the serfs learned how to be jesters, made their own serf garb, got their faces painted, bobbed for apples, went fishing in the pool, and had their fortunes told. Robin Hood convinced the serfs that they needed to fight King John. They practiced jousting and went through an obstacle course.

Seth captured a lot of money from the rich during Capture the Flag. Photo by Hannah Halpern.

During the day, there were special chugim (interest groups) about social inequality, theft, social welfare programs, jobs in America, and more. The serfs also played Capture the Flag, where they tried to capture money from the king. At the end of the day, the serfs fought the king and won!

View more photos from Special Day here.


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