Tiyul (camping trip)

Hiking group 5, or Group Wild, on the hike. Photo by Marlena Chertock.
Chanichim (kids) worked together to set up their own ohelim. Photo by Marlena Chertock.

We’re back from a wonderful Tiyul in Fort Washington State Park. The weather was great the whole time, in the 70s and 80s. We took a 3 mile hike and then set up our ohelim. There was medurah (bonfire), s’mores, and kumsitz (songs).

View more photos from Tiyul here.

During movie madness, we had a superhero costume contest. Photo by Marlena Chertock.

After Tiyul, we came back to machaneh and had movie madness. We watched “The Incredibles” and played fun activities that related to the movie, such as tug of war and a superhero costume contest.

View photos from the movie madness here.


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