HaboZine feature: Oneg at Mosh

The Chotrim modern dance. Photo by Marlena Chertock.

By: Jay F.

Every week one or two kvutzot get together and make an oneg. There are five parts to each oneg — small makela, hatzega, modern dance, Israeli dance, and Project X.

The small makela prepare to sing a song. The actors in the hatzega practice their lines. The modern and Israeli dances practice their dance moves. And Project X brainstorms crazy ideas.

Finally, Friday night comes. All the other chanichim file into the MLC as the kvutzah performing screams cheers. Finally, the lights dim as the hatzega starts on stage. Everyone cheers for hatzega, modern and Israeli dances, small makela, and Project X. the oneg is over but the night is not. After cheering their throats sore everyone goes to the basketball court to dance till their feet fall off.

View photos from the second Shabbat here. And view more photos from the Chotrim-Nitzanim oneg here.


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