Aliyah Bet

It’s 1948, late at night, and groups of Argentinian and Turkish Jews are traveling in secret to enter Palestine. They are making aliyah.

The path is lit by the moon (and glow sticks). Chanichim (kids) walk in groups to the agam (lake) or Serpentine and canoe to the other side. They are hushed, careful not to be caught by British guards who are trying to keep them from entering Palestine.

Earlier this week, the chanichim engaged in a tradition at Mosh — Aliyah Bet. They are woken up and told to hurry and get ready for the masa (journey). Chanichim travel around to different stations, learning about their identity, stealth techniques, the kibbutz they will found and build, and other information.

Through this tradition and event, we try to explain aliyah (ascent), Aliyah Bet, and how and why countless Jews from all over the world immigrated to Israel.

Was Aliyah Bet different when you were at machaneh? What are some of your favorite Mosh traditions?


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