HaboZine feature: Pish at Mosh

Communications Specialist Note: We’ll be featuring articles, poems, and drawings by chanichim (kids) from the HaboZine sa’adnah (workshop) on the blog. Here’s an article written by a Chotrim girl.

Pish at Mosh

By: Elizabeth Tesler


Pish (peulat shichvah, activity with age group) is a special time in the day in which everyone at Mosh gathers in their kvutzah (or age group) and discusses matters. Sometimes it can be about nationwide issues or about thoughts and feelings you have throughout your time at Moshava as well as in your everyday life.

My sister, who is in Bogrim, which is an age group here at Moshava, tells me the older people in camp, the Solelim, Bonim and Bogrim, talk about more national topics, such as problems in the world and disagreements. As for me, being in Chotrim, we usually talk about feelings and events in our lives.

Today, we discussed identity and not judging others. I admit, I’m excited to speak about more news-related topics, but you’ve got to love just speaking out about your life. I also love that in my age group we play interesting games to teach us lessons. I hope they have activities like those in the older age groups, because it really gets through to me.

In conclusion, that is some basic information about Pish at Camp Moshava in Maryland. It is one of my favorite times of day!

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