Write on, write on, write on

Chotrim wrote articles about their experiences at Mosh and favorite place at Mosh for HaboZine. Photo by Marlena Chertock.

HaboZine is an online literary and art magazine created by Habonim Dror members, for the Habonim Dror community. To help gather writing and art from Habonim Dror members, we started a HaboZine sa’adnah (workshop) at Mosh.

In HaboZine, we play a writing game called Mix ‘n Match Haiku where everyone writes two five-line syllables and one seven-line syllable, to make a haiku of 5-7-5. We put the five-syllable lines in one hat and the seven-syllable lines in another, and everyone takes two fives and one seven. Then we put them together in the way that makes the most or least sense or is funny or serious. The results can be beautiful, unexpected and hilarious.

After the haikus, chanichim (kids) can draw, write more poems, or write articles about Mosh. Some have drawn comics and some have written limericks.

Here are some more Haikus written by the Solelim.

Bogrim and Madatz
tents are fun to sleep inside
Moshava is fun

Awesome Moshava
more relaxing than a spa
having so much fun

The road to camp, great
You will have a blast
I will always love this place

Mosh has a cold pool
Solelim is good
Wearing flip flops is the best thing

We are Solelim
always always cute
I am standing in between

View photos from HaboZine and the other sa’adnaot here.

Check back for more writing from HaboZine.


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