Zman Metsuyan

During Zman Metsuyan on Wednesday, the chanichim (kids) learned about the kibbutz in Israel that their tzrifim or ohelim (cabins or tents) are named after. They mapped out where their kibbutz is located on a large map of Israel. Photo by Marlena Chertock.

Zman Metsuyan, which translates literally to an excellent time, is a time in the afternoon when we learn about Israel, Judaism and Ivrit (Hebrew).

On Wednesday’s Zman Metsuyan, the chanichim (kids) split up into their tzrifim (cabins) and ohelim (tents) to learn about what kibbutz in Israel their tzrif or ohel is named after. All of the tzrifim and ohelim at machaneh (camp) are named after real kibbutzim in Israel.

The chanichim found facts about their kibbutz taped around the MLC (Mo’adon l’chaver–building of friends/big pavilion) and drew pictures of their kibbutz. Then they held their pictures up on a big map of Israel, to see where the kibbutzim were located.

The tzrifim and ohelim at Mosh named after kibbutzim in Israel are:

Tzrifim (cabins):

  • Urim: in the Negev (desert), near Be’er Sheva
  • Gesher Haziv: in northern Israel, near Nahariya
  • Dafna: in northern Israel, near Kiryat Shmona
  • Kabri: in northern Israel, near Nahariya
  • Tuval: in northern Israel, near Karmiel
  • Ein Harod: in northern Israel, near Mount Gilboa
  • Gezer: in central Israel, in the Shephelah between Modi’in, Ramle and Rehovot
  • Grofit: in southern Israel, near Eilat
  • Degania: on the Kinneret
Ohelim (tents):
  • Yotvata: in southern Israel in the Negev (desert)
  • Mitzpeh Shalem: near the Dead Sea
  • Tel Yosef: in northeast Israel
  • Lahav: in southern Israel, near Beersheba
  • Lotan: in southern Israel, in the Negev (desert)
  • Ma’ayan Baruch: in northern Israel, near the Israeli, Syrian, and Lebanese border
  • Gilad: in northern Israel
  • Rosh HaNikra: in northern Israel, near the Rosh HaNikra grottoes
  • Sde Boker: in southern Israel, in the Negev (desert)
  • Ein Gedi: near the Dead Sea
  • Kfar Blum: in the Hula Valley, near Kiryat Shmona
  • Afikim: in the Jordan Valley

What are some ways you remember learning about Israel at machaneh? What were your favorite things or the most interesting things you learned at machaneh?


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