Hebrew word of the day: hadracha

At machaneh (camp), we use a lot of ivrit (Hebrew). All of the announcements are in ivrit, calling people or shichvot (age groups) to places are in ivrit, when chanichim (kids) have to announce something or report a lost and found item they have to announce it in ivrit (with help from madrichim–counselors). After a few days with announcements in ivrit and several ivrit words and phrases thrown in, chanichim really start to understand what’s being said or through context.

Today’s word is hadracha =guidance.

Hadracha is one of the words in ivrit related to education; another is chinuch (training). These words are similar but also differ in how they’re implemented and discussed. Hadracha is also related to the words madrich (counselor) and chinuch (education). Hadracha implies a movement, progression, and following through with something.

At Mosh, we often talk about the idea of having good hadracha and good leadership. At machaneh, we work to instill this sense of good leadership in others.

What are some ivrit words we use at machaneh or that I’ve been writing here on the blog that you’re confused by and want more of an explanation of? Are there any ivrit words, phrases, or concepts you think should be featured in Hebrew word of the day?


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