Tochnit Erev

Tochnit Erev (evening activities) happen every night after dinner. They vary greatly, from machaneh-wide games to movie night.

The first tochnit erev of a session is usually Meet the Madrichim, where chanichim (kids) are split into groups and walk around the MLC (Mo’adon l’chaver–building of friends/big pavilion) and groups of madrichim (counselors). The chanichim (kids) try to guess facts about the madrichim and have to complete tasks in order to get the madrichim to tell them their fact.

Congo-ing to find out facts about madrichim (counselors). Photo by Marlena Chertock. 

The second night of tochnit erev was a fashion show with the madrichim (counselors). The chanichim (kids) dressed madrichim up in dresses and scarves and hats and then the madrichim danced down the aisle. At the end, the chanichim clapped the loudest for their favorite contestants and all the contestants tied because “We are Habonim Dror, we don’t stress competition.”

Chanichim (kids) dressing up contestant Jonah Gray.
Dressing up contestant Maya Baum. Photo by Marlena Chertock.

Last night was movie night and we watched “Space Jam.”

View photos from the classic first night Meet the Madrichim tochnit erev here and the second night of this session here.


2 thoughts on “Tochnit Erev

  1. Since Shula doesn’t write or share details about camp, this blog is a blessing! Thanks Marlena!

  2. So happy to see my daughter, Dalia here…I know she had a blast dressing up Jonah! Thank you for all the great pictures and helping us feel connected.

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