Haikus about Mosh

Chanichim wrote haikus about Mosh for the HaboZine sa’adnah yesterday. Photo by Marlena Chertock.

Yesterday, the chanichim (kids) were poets and didn’t even know it. There was a carnival for Sa’adnaot (workshops–rotations), where they went around to different Sa’adnaot to learn what they are.

The Sa’adnaot this session are:

  • Ropes-ropes course
  • Agam-lake/tubing
  • Teva-nature walking/hiking
  • HaboZine-creating writing and art for HaboZine Dror, the online literary and art magazine for Habonim Dror North America
  • Melechet Yad-arts and crafts
  • Drama-theater
  • Mad Lab-science experiments
  • Rikud-Israeli dance
  • Mitbach-cooking

Read some of the haikus from yesterday:

Nerves going crazy
my very first year at Mosh
it could be my home

Mosh weaves a big quilt
of friendship and community
a wonderful place

Mosh is really cool
this summer’s going to rule
don’t disagree fool

Mosh is so much from
from avodah to swimming
I like it a lot

Mosh is awesome
it is the best place on the earth
I so love it here

The wind sings its song
and so do the chanichim
it is beautiful

Mosh is cool
it has good places

Moshava is best
learn about social justice
the food is perfect

Lots of new friends here
everybody rocks
I think I like it

I love Sa’adnaot
each day something different
not boring, just fun

The weather is warm
when its rain has gone away
it’s a lovely day

The trees sway softly
the water flows down the stream
welcome to Camp Mosh

It is fun at Mosh
the food is so terrific
it’s not a moshpit

Moshberries taste good
I have them every summer
here at Moshava

What is this place I love
Machaneh Moshava, duh
let’s go pick Mosh berries

We have so much fun
at peulot and mischakim
here at Moshava

Mosh is very fun
it has refrigerators
it keeps our food cold

When I am at Mosh
I am sweaty and happy
because I love it

Mosh is pretty fun
the people are really nice
I like Mosh a lot

Trees sway in the breeze
hanging out with my best friends
beauty and friendship

Camp Moshava rocks
we play music, sports, and games
greatest place on earth

Mosh is pretty cool
I sure do like Mosh a lot
Mosh Mosh Mosh Mosh Mosh

Mosh feet, Revo love
flip flop tans, colored grass
I just love Camp Mosh

Lots of things to do
fun around every corner
amazing and cool

Mosh is really sweet
I like avodah and pish
it’s my favorite

Check back for updates from each sa’adnah soon.


One thought on “Haikus about Mosh

  1. from a Mosh alumnus Beth (Goldston) Attar (1980’s)

    Watch out Mosh parents
    I live in Israel now
    Mostly due to Mosh

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