Anafim & chugim


Every day, chanichim take part in anafim (work groups) and chugim (interest groups). Anafim are work groups we do in the morning, right after breakfast. They are things that need to get done in order to keep machaneh (camp) going and clean. By taking part in avodah (work), chanichim take ownership over machaneh and help keep up something they love. We work as a community, kibbutz-style, to clean and beautify machaneh.

The anafim this session are:

  • Anaf Medurah-cutting wood and preparing medurah (bonfires)
  • Anaf Tzvia-mural painting
  • Anaf Flower Power-working in the gan (garden)
  • Anaf Veggie Cutting-cutting up vegetables and making salads
  • Anaf Aruchat Boker-putting out and cleaning up breakfast
  • Anaf MLC/Sif-cleaning the MLC and Sif (Mo’adon l’chaver–building of friends, sifriya–library)
  • Anaf Circus Tent-fixing what needs to be fixed up at machaneh
  • Anaf Ashpah-cleaning up trash around machaneh
  • Anaf Sababa-cleaning the bathrooms
  • Anaf Brecha-pool cleaning
Anaf Aruchat Boker sets out and cleans up breakfast every morning. Photo by Marlena Chertock.


Chugim are every evening, before dinner. They vary from sports to watching films, from discussing gender and patriarchy to painting murals, from reading to preparing for the Olympics. There’s a chug for everyone.

The chugim this session are:

  • Chug Frostball-softball and frisbee
  • Chug Zoga Toga-zumba and yoga
  • Chug Reading Rainbow-reading
  • Chug Mindfulness and Meditation-meditation, yoga, music, reflection
  • Chug Nashim-women’s health & discussion
  • Chug Olympics-Olympic games
  • Chug Darkroom-photography
  • Chug Mosh on Off-Broadway-putting on a production of “Annie”
  • Chug Film Theory-watching provocative movies and discussing them
  • Chug Krepsie Survival Training-learning about and living the life of Krepsie
  • Chug Crafty-making new things out of old things, learning to be crafty with what there is
  • Chug LGT-lifeguard training
Chug Mindfulness and Meditation-relaxing, yoga, reflecting. Photo by Marlena Chertock.

View more photos of Anafim & Chugim skits here.

Which anaf were you a part of? What was the best anaf? What was your favorite chug?


3 thoughts on “Anafim & chugim

  1. to Camp Moshava staff!
    Thanks So much for the pics and video clip(s) so far…As a parent of 2 new Mosh campers, I was wondering if it would be possible to send snapshots of the campers we could our kids in their new camp space!

  2. Oops! I wrote too quickly…I DID see some kids in the pics!
    And.. I forgot to add that I really apreciated all your definitions of YOUR chugim and anafim! 🙂

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