Goodbye, Mosh!

After a summer full of learning, creating and maintaining friendships,
self-discovery, and an inconceivable amount of fun, it is finally time to say goodbye to Mosh until next summer. Although this is a bittersweet time for most, the values of Mosh and the good times we had with stay with everyone much longer than this summer.

Thank you to each and everyone of you for following the blog. Having watched the amount of blog views increase exponentially each day has been fullfilling. It is so great to know that are so many attentive and loving parents. Thank you for sending your son/daughter to Mosh and we are all so excited to see you again next summer!

Keep in touch with Moshniks and stay involved in the Habonim Dror movement throughout the year by coming to the Eizor events!

–Sarah Joelson

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