Zman Metzuyan Protest

Photo by Sarah Joelson

Zman Metzuyan (translated as “a great time”) is the time during each day that the chanachim (campers) learn about Israel. Over the past four weeks they have participated in a variety of activities where they explored and better understood the country along with it’s many conflicts.

Photo by Sarah Joelson

On this particular day, the chanachim learned about the many protests that are currently taking place in Israel. After discussion of these issues they acted out skits that displayed these problems.  

Photo by Sarah Joelson

After that, they pretended to be Israeli citizens and protested the health care system, educational system, the gas shortage, and housing.

While these protests were only acted out, the kids became much more aware of what is going on in Israel.

To view more pictures of the protest, click here!

–Sarah Joelson

Photo by Sarah Joelson

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