I don’t want to grow up! Revolution/Bocoup

At Mosh there are two huge events that stay in everyone’s minds for years after the summer is over: Revolution and Bocoup.

Revolution is a 24-hour period in which the Madatz (CITs) take over the camp and kick out the Madrachim (counselors). They think of a clever way to call “revolution” and have a public uprising against the madrachim. Sometimes they even have fake outs to get everyone really excited for the actual call. They create a theme with characters and skits that are involved in all the activities throughout the day. The kids are guided from station to station where there are fun games, challenges, and activities having to do with the theme. This 24-hour period is completely planed by the madatz. After all the fun and games are over, there is a huge dance party before the madrachim come back.

This year, the Revolution theme was Spongebob Squarepants. The Madatz surprised the kids by calling revolution during movie night. After chasing the madrachim out with water balloons, the fun began. This started with all the kids being “flushed down the toilet” into the ocean where they met the famous Spongebob and his friends. After a day packed with activities and a revo dance, the chanachim were reunited with their madrachim.

Bocoup is similar to revolution except it is run by the bogrim and is six hours long. This year, the theme was Peter Pan, and the kids enjoyed an adventure in never-never land for the day!

I apologize that there are no pictures because the chanachim kicked me out!

–Sarah Joelson

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