Tisha B’av

Discussions about the meaning of Tisha B'av and reflections about the holiday are discussed in small groups. Photo by Sarah Joelson

Meaning the 9th of Av (a month in the Jewish calendar), Tisha B’av is a Jewish day of mourning to remember the destruction of first and second temples. Chanachim (campers) who were of bar/bat mitzvah age and up were given the option to fast for the day to appreciate and reflect on the tragedies of the past.

Erev Tisha B’av (the night before), the chanachim were divided into groups and then went on to discuss the meaning of the holiday. Then, the groups were led around machaneh (camp) to different stations, each of which consisted of a skit that addressed a  specific event in Jewish history. After returning from the stations, the chanachim analyzed what they had just observed and read a number memoirs relating to Jewish oppression.

The next day, chanachim participated in a round robin where they “met” famous Jewish activists and philosophers (acted out by madrachim) and pondered what their Jewish identity meant to them and in what ways they would like to utilize their Jewish values and beliefs to create change. As the day continued, the chanachim had opportunities to learn new Hebrew songs, make and decorate picture frames, and participate in discussions that sought out ways in which to make the day meaningful and beneficial.

Making picture frames. Photo by Sarah Joelson

After the sun set, the break-fast took place and the campers enjoyed a delicious dinner consisting of blintzes, peas, carrots, hash browns, bagels, and more!

–Sarah Joelson

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