Special Day

The principal (Maytal) and director of the school board (Avi) welcome the students to school and tell the students where they will be going from homeroom. Photo by Sarah Joelson

Each year at Mosh, there is a day designated to a specific educational theme. On “special day”, a world issue is explored and taught in a fun way. This session, the special day was designed to inform campers about education and how issues of race, money, and equality affect opportunities for creativity in educational systems. The goal of the event was to emphasize the importance of creative arts in schools, and that the measure of a school’s success is not based solely on test scores.

Camp Moshava was transformed into a typical high school–there were the stereotypical jocks, cheerleaders, goths, and nerds (acted out by the counselors) . In addition, the kids were served meals as if they were in a high school cafeteria.

Cafeteria workers serve breakfast to all the "students". Photo by Sarah Joelson

Groups of kids went around to different stations where they participated in an  array of both academic and creative activities. They learned songs and dances, created a chemical reaction with Einstein, expanded their minds with a fun writing exercise with Mark Twain and Dr. Seuss, discussed  ancient historical figures with Ceasar Chavez and Emma Goldman, and made some beautiful art with Picasso and Pollock.

Mad scientists conduct a science experiment. Photo by Sarah Joelson

After that, they had recess where they played 4-square, hopscotch, kickball, drew with chalk, and jump roped.

Chalk fun! Photo by Sarah Joelson

Avi (rosh mosh/head of mosh) acted as the director of the school board. He told “Mosh Secondary Academy” that to be the number one school, it was necessary to cut all of their art programs and focus solely on improving test scores.

So, everyone went to a SAT prep carnival where they practiced English vocab, math, writing, sentence completion, spelling, and history. Next, everyone joined together again for the activity, “Are you smarter than a test taker?” The event was presented like a game show and the campers answered SAT questions in hopes of achieving better test scores.

Eli makes a great math nerd. (The back of his shirt says: "I am sin2x. You are cos2x. Together we are one") Photo by Sarah Joelson

Then there were special chugim. During this time, discussions took place about education including the differences and similarities between private and public schools, test-taking being a dominant method of education, and education gaps.

Eventually, the “students” became angry and upset with the school board’s decision to remove their art programs so they decided to revolt!

They drowned out the school board with music and successfully took over the school! All of the arts programs were reinstalled!

Everyone is thrilled to get their arts program back at the school dance. Photo by Sarah Joelson

At the end of the day, they celebrated their success with ice cream and treats at the “school dance”.

Ice cream at the school dance. Photo by Sarah Joelson

To view more pictures of special day, click here!

–Sarah Joelson

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