Tiyul (camping trip)

Madrachim slice tomatoes for lunch. Photo by Sarah Joelson

Tiyul (meaning hike/trip) is a camping trip the entire camp takes for two nights in which we go hiking, make campfires, and spend time together in nature.

Kemps, Set, Taki, ERS, and other fun card games were played when there was free time. Photo by Sarah Joelson

This session, we camped out in Catoctin Mountain National Park. After we set up the tents, we played frisbee and cards. Later that night we played verbal “Sporcel” (an online trivia game) and enjoyed a campfire and s’mores.

A power team of Bonim hikers. Photo by Sarah Joelson

The next morning, we ventured on a four mile hike to Cunningham Falls State Park and climbed the falls. The final destination of the hike was Hunting Creek Lake where we swam and relaxed. Eventually, we were shuttled back to the campsite in Catoctin. That night we had medurah (campfire), sang kumtitz (songs), and campers had the opportunity to perform songs or skits in front of the campfire. On our final day, we all indulged in hot chocolate, bagels, and cereal, and then headed to our mystery kupa trip.

Swimming at Hunting Creek Lake. Photo by Sarah Joelson

The camping trip is always followed by a kupa trip (reference the post about kupa money). This is a trip the whole camp takes together to a fun location. The destination varies from year to year, and this year the kids were thrilled when we pulled up at a splash park and an 18-hole mini-golf course.

Fun at the splash park! Photo by Sarah Joelson
Moshniks represent as they enjoy a game of mini-golf. Photo by Sarah Joelson

To view more pictures of Tiyul, click here!

To view more pictures of the kupa trip, click here!

–Sarah Joelson

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