Visitor’s Day 2011


Some of our beloved Bonim girls who we were sad to see leave on visitor's day. Photo by Becca Hertz

Thank you to all the friends and family who could join us on visitor’s day!  We enjoyed seeing/meeting you and we were happy that  you got to spend some time with your kids.

For those of you who could not join us, here is a quick synopsis of what took place. First, parents/friends arrived and had a picnic lunch with the chanachim (campers).  There were tables with pictures of each shichva (age group), a camp picture, and Mosh merchandise being sold. Next, visitors were presented with a series of speeches, songs, and videos in the MLC. Then, visitors were lead to tzrifim/ohelim (living spaces) where they were introduced to their child’s madrachim (counselors). After that, they could choose to participate in a variety of sadnaot (workshops) including swimming, israeli dance, teva (hiking), and softball.

Mosh sings "Ani Ohev Shokolad" (I love chocolate) and "Family" by Dar Williams. Photo by Sarah Joelson

As the day came to a close, there were some tearful goodbyes to those where we leaving Machaneh (camp). Fortunately, however, we are excited that many kids decided to extend their time at Mosh!

Tzevet (staff) during the visitor's day performance. Photo by Sarah Joelson

Visitor’s Day Video:




To see more pictures of visitor’s day, click here.

–Sarah Joelson

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