Meet the Madrichim: Marlena Chertock

Marlena Chertock

University of Maryland, Major: Journalism, Minors: International Development and Conflict Management, Creative Writing

  • Why do you think Mosh is special?

Mosh is special because it is more than just having fun at a summer camp. Within my first year (Chotrim 2002) I found that we care about deeper things here, about the world, social justice, injustice, Tikkun O’lam (healing the world), about those who don’t have power or access or a voice, we learn about difficult topics and truth and discuss problems in the world and possible solutions. Mosh was the first place I learned about many problems with society, corporations and systemic issues. The education I received from Mosh greatly complemented my formal school education because I feel that I was aware of much more through Habonim and Camp Moshava, before learning about such topics in school. A lot of Habo and Mosh alumni go on to study humanities, sociology, psychology, philosophy, social work, Jewish studies, as well as completely different areas of study. I think what we teach and how we interact with chanichim (kids) is so important. We offer kids a voice, encourage them to have their own opinions and share them, to work with the rest of their shikvah (age group), to believe in the collective and the strength of a group, to work for equality.

  • Why do you come back to be on tzevet?

I came back to be on tzevet this year because Habonim Dror and Camp Moshava is an important part of my life that I want to continue to be a part of and give to. I have learned so much, been given alternative systems to think about, had leadership training, made friends, these kinds of lists for machaneh don’t have an ending. I wanted to be able to translate my passion and belief in Habonim values into working on tzevet. I wanted to be able to share my love of writing, documenting what happens and sharing events with machaneh and chanichim. I wanted to be able to spread the ideals and values of Mosh and Habo to parents and a wider audience. This year on tzevet I feel I was really able to do that as Communications Specialist, through this blog, taking photos and video of chanichim, interviewing other tzevet members about why they think Mosh is special and why they come back to be on tzevet, being in touch with parents, running a chug (special interest group) on creative writing and reading. There are so many ways to share your interests and talents with machaneh. For me, writing and journalism is such an important aspect of my life — it is intertwined with who I am. Writing is the best way I have to express myself, to help me understand events in my life and the world and to share stories with others. I love being able to share my writing and love of writing with others and being able to do that at Mosh this summer has been such an amazing experience.

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