Ropes (sadnaot)

"Get everyone through the hula hoop as fast as you can" Photo by Sarah Joelson

Sadnaot (workshops) are a time during the day where the camp splits into several groups that engage in different activities. In ropes course, trigger games are played that use logic, teamwork and encourage kids to think outside the box. At the beginning of the summer, along with the other Madrachim who got certified to lead ropes, I learned several games that forced chanachim (kids) to practice working in a group and thinking critically. For example, we asked the chanachim how quickly they could get their whole group through the hoola hoop. After a few attempts taking 15 seconds each, we asked them to work together to find a new method and told them we thought they could do it in under 5 seconds. They looked shocked and then soon realized that they could all stick their hand in the hoola hoop at once to satisfy the requirement.

Bogrim looking cute during trigger games. Photo by Sarah Joelson

In another game, they were asked to lower a hoola hoop together each holding it up with one finger parallel to the ground and all their fingers had to touch the hoola hoop at all times. They were told to start with the hoola hoop at average shoulder height. They stood in a circle and became frustrated when they couldn’t lower it the whole way with everyone touching it. However, after they thought more about it they realized they could lie on the ground and start the hoola hoop at average shoulder height (an inch off the ground).

A game of trust and balance is played as partners support each other and see how far they can walk down 2 ropes that get further and further from each other . Photo by Sarah Joelson

After a few quick games, we all walk down to the ropes course and the chanachim are “spotted” by the certified madrachim as they attempt to walk from tree to tree on a wire. Other rope challenges involve swing from platform to platform and climbing through spiderwebs of rope.

To view more pictures of ropes, click here.

-Sarah Joelson

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