The one and only Dar Williams visits Mosh

Dar Williams awed Mosh, past Moshniks, family and other friends with a concert following her visit. Photo by Sarah Joelson.

Dar Williams is a legend at Moshava. We have been singing her songs for as long as most of us can remember. So, we sent her a video to tell her how much she means to us and to see if she would considering visiting us.

…It worked!

Dar Williams visited and performed at Camp Mosh on July 24, 2011. Photo by Marlena Chertock.

Everything is cleaned up, the stage is taken down, but yesterday and night still remain in our minds and ears. Yom Dar was an amazing day that chanichim, tzevet and visitors won’t soon forget.

Shira with Dar

Dar visited, watched and played guitar during shira (singing). For today’s shira, machaneh learned all Dar songs, how appropriate! She was pleasantly surprised to have us learning all her music so we could sing along when she preformed that night.

Round Robin with Dar

Dar Williams helped chanichim plant flowers for a bee garden next to the gan. Photo by Sarah Joelson.

Chanichim participated in a round robin of different activities for Yom Dar. One activity was painting a mural that reads, “Where does magic come from, I think magic’s in the learning” from Dar’s “The Christians and the Pagans.”

Chanichim also planted a bee garden with Dar and learned about the gan (garden). At the concert, Dar explained that if bees are thriving, healthy and buzzing — like kids — we know we haven’t done too much to change their lives, their habitat, haven’t put too much pesticide or chemicals in the area.

There was also Dar trivia or Dar Jeopardy, a game chanichim participated in to learn more about Dar.

The concert

As the sun was setting, chanichim, visitors and alumni set up blankets and chairs on the softball field and sat, waiting for the concert to begin.

After Eytan’s introduction, Mazkirut 2011 (Avi, Maytal, Bria and Sarah) took the stage and sang a song to the tune of “The Babysitter’s Here” to welcome and introduce Dar and say how excited they were.

The Babysitter’s Here by Dar Williams:

Iowa (one of Mosh’s favorite and most sung songs) by Dar Williams:

Dar talks about Mosh grass and bee gardens:

Family by Dar Williams:

After All by Dar Williams:

Buzzer by Dar Williams:

As Cool As I Am by Dar Williams:

After the concert, Dar stayed to answer all our questions. Kids lined up by the stage to ask what her favorite color was or about her love for music and then were able to give her a huge hug.

Joseph Gelula asks Dar a question during the audience Q&A. Photo by Sarah Joelson.
Eytan Graubart, Executive Director of Camp Mosh, and Dar Williams show off their new "I Go to Mosh" shirts at the concert. Photo by Ethan Miller.
Members of the mitbach (kitchen staff) who have been at Mosh since '97 present Dar with a cake to show our gratitude. Photo by Ethan Miller

View more photos from the day here.

–Sarah Joelson & Marlena Chertock

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