“You are my family” … Dar Williams at Mosh

Tomorrow is Yom Dar (Dar Day). At Mosh we sing countless Dar Williams songs and there’s no better way to celebrate music you love than having the artist play a concert. Dar Williams is playing at several northeast summer camps this summer, and Mosh is perhaps the best camp on her list. Dar will be playing a concert tomorrow night on the Mosh softball field.

Dar Williams was this Communications Specialist’s first concert. And now I am very excited to see her coming to machaneh (camp). It’s a great way to celebrate the songs we love to sing, songs with meaning, meet an artist, share what we do with other people and share the magic of Mosh with Dar.

Today some chanichim (kids) painted and drew signs to welcome Dar, hold up during the concert and decorate machaneh with.

Here are a few of the Dar songs we sing:

  • Iowa, hear the song here
  • Christians and the Pagans, hear the song here
  • As Cool as I Am, hear the song here
  • Family, hear the song here
  • The Babysitter’s Here, hear the song here
  • The Ocean, hear the song here

Check back soon for photos and video of the concert and the day

–Marlena Chertock

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